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Embracing Your WHOLE SELF

Ottawa, ON Ottawa

 Redefining The Stories We Tell Ourselves This two day experiential program experience is an invitation for you to explore and reframe the negative contexts of the stories you tell yourself about what it means to be a strong, vulnerable, opinionated, soft, tough, gentle, weak, and powerful woman. Do you catch yourself saying...: I not as ... Keep Going about Embracing Your WHOLE SELF

Go All In Fest 2022

Join me LIVE November 12, 2022 in Phoenix Arizona! What an incredible opportunity to spend the day engaging with me, Nim Stant and 19 other thought leaders and visionaries! We will  inspire, empower and encourage you to create an IMPACT in your world! Register early to save your spot only 300 tickets available! Early Registration ... Keep Going about Go All In Fest 2022

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