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Re-Imagining ME & WE Group Coaching Program

January 8, 2019 @ 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

RME&WE Woman Tree

Co-Creating New Space for Becoming… Together

This conversation is for you… If you

  • Have found yourself at odds with who you know yourself to be, and who you are becoming alone, or in the company of others.
  • Ready to move beyond the existing cultural conditioning around relationship.
  • Tired of engaging relationship strategies that lead you back to where you began.

In this experience you will move beyond the “me” conversation (countless years of self-help & therapy), or the “we” conversation (selfless service and altruism).

You’ll be invited into the space where the AND lives. Where potential for growing inner & outer environments that nourish evolutionary activation!

The current narrative of ‘me and we’ creates a constant pull from wholeness to separation.

Are you…

  • feeling not seen & heard?
  • exhausted from managing your relationships?
  • feeling alone?
These states can lead to a multitude of habituated responses.


  • work harder
  • become passive
  • get louder
  • manipulate
  • become demanding
The result of these approaches can create:
  • resentment
  • blame
  • justification
  • defense
  • frustration

It’s time for how we relate to each other to evolve! This conversation applies if you’re looking for personal development or actively seeking to shift how things are within your organization. In order to get a different result, a new process of how we relate and engage with one another is required.

Click on this link to read a reflection from one of our participants.

There is another way

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AND…Discover a FRESH, INNOVATIVE approach for empowering how we relate to ourSelves & others.

Re-Imagining ME & WE v2

During this process, you’ll be supported to liberate historical conditioning that continues to limit your potential of being with yourSelf & “other”.

Held in the life-altering WEL-Systems® paradigm, this journey of discovery will transform self-limiting conversations that prevent the potential of ME & WE from being fully experienced and expressed.

This group coaching program is an experiential, developmental process that is a co-facilitated in a safe & challenging container. It’s designed to invite a choice point, for you to decide to be the one, to pioneer new pathways of becoming together.

This isn’t a fix it (or manage it better) program. You will be supported to AWAKEN and TRANSFORM your experience of ME & WE.

Transformation requires safety, science & a touch of the sacred.

~Louise LeBrun


Seven Conversation experiences, with Co-Creator CODE™  Model Coaches Lisa J. Weiss & Cathy Saunders, which include;

  • Two (2) individual coaching sessions, one at the beginning and one at the end of the program. These individual coaching sessions will support you to establish inner commitment to launch your process & animate your intention.
  • Five (5) live online group coaching sessions. These group coaching sessions will support you to uncover, discover, claim and authentically choose to engage the inner wisdom awaiting your attention. You’ll learn a new paradigm to support re-imagining & animating new capacities that leverage conscious choice in your lived ME & WE experiences.

10-Day writing experience. Will support you to deepen your clarity, expand your perspective and digest residual narratives that imprison your experience, today of ME & WE.

Safe, supportive and challenging online community. Specifically, you’ll be invited to join a private FaceBook page. This online community is designed to enable the cultivation of a community of champions. A community that will enable you to  stay connected to yourself and the group throughout the process and beyond.

Session Dates

We begin the LIVE online group conversation process

Tuesday, January 8th – February 12th 2019 (6-8pm Eastern)

Live Online Group Coaching Dates:

  • Jan 8th 2019 6-8pm EDT (6-8pm Eastern)
  • Jan 15th 6-8pm EDT (6-8pm Eastern)
  • Jan 29th 6-8pm EDT (6-8pm Eastern)
  • Feb 5th 6-8pm EDT (6-8pm Eastern)
  • Feb 12th 6-8pm EDT (6-8pm Eastern)

10 Day writing experience:

  • Jan 17th- Jan 25th

Individual coaching sessions (To be booked upon registration)

Apply Now

This experience is limited to 7 individuals.

Feel free to connect with Lisa or Cathy , if you have any questions.

We created the video below to provide some context as to where we could take ourselves in this conversation. Enjoy, and we look forward to hearing from you!

Applying does NOT require payment.

Because Re-Imagining ME & WE™ are intimate gatherings, and intensely personal, we ask for applications, not registrations. Your application simply means you’re curious about this approach. That’s wonderful! Consideration leads to conversation, which leads to free and informed choices. When you apply, you will be prompted to schedule an appointment that is convenient for you. Don’t worry, it’s just to chat.

We guarantee…

We want this to be a no-brainer for you. If you’re drawn to this conversation in any way, then we know you are ready to reshape your life and how you engage with the people in your world.

We guarantee that the impact will be felt in your WHOLE life. That is what Re-Imagining ME & WE™ is all about!


January 8, 2019
6:00 pm - 8:00 pm
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