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Internal Spring Cleaning

May 1, 2021 @ 10:00 am - 7:00 pm

7 Butterflies

Tackling feeling tired, lonely, stressed, anger…

Are any of these familiar?


  • Feel self stressed out, anxious, and not sure how to cope with all the uncertainty.
  • Are feeling tired on all levels, physical, emotional, mental.
  • Crave to feel connected to your family again.
  • Find yourself wishing for things to go back to what was…even if they weren’t great.  want things to be different.
  • Want to feel alive again, you want to have joy
  • Are experiencing even more work expectations for productivity even though you have more on your plate at home, and you feel like you’re falling into a dark pit.

Well, you’re not alone. Here’s the thing, going back is never an option…however, you do have an opportunity to move forward.

You want in because…
  • Old patterns, habits and coping mechanisms are no longer working.
  • You know you want more, to move beyond the old stories you keep repeating to yourself and  others.
  • You’re ready for your life to go into a different direction.
  • You’re scared.
  • Your intellect keeps telling you it’s better to stay with the devil you know than to venture out into the unknown.
  • You are looking to connect with your inner knowing and intuition to guide the choices you make. AND you don’t want to do it alone.
What’s Included:
  • Pre session discovery session
  • Four (4)  x two (2) hour group online facilitated conversations
  • Resources such as podcasts, blogs, and books
  • Access to closed Facebook page for interaction with group members
This is a necessarily small, purposeful working group

I limit the size of the group size to a maximum of 10 participants to ensure our conversations are relevant, individualized, and immensely beneficial.

All sessions will be held online via videoconferencing.


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Each of issues above will be explored through…

Play with no Outcome

Our world is in a serious state. Play is on the back burner. And when we do play, we don’t play with abandon. Play, often, has an outcome. For example, we play to reduce stress, blow off steam, or to be a distraction from our every day life.

We will explore the various ways you can bring play back into your life, as intended, with no outcome. For the simple pleasure and joy we can feel in the moment.

Connection and Community

Connecting with others is essential part of our survival.  And, before we can connect with others at a deeper level we must first discover what prevents us from connecting more deeply with ourself. Disconnection begins from within and expands externally. What we see outside ourself is people not understanding us, an inability to share what is really going on, and shame around not having it all together.  As a result, we feel alone. We all want to belong, to be a part of a community, it’s part of our DNA. Let’s start the journey of connection and community here!

We will delve into how connecting to your your Self is the gateway to connecting and creating community with those around you.

 Choosing with Integrity

What does it mean to live with integrity? To make choices that are in alignment with your core being. This is not an easy task. We get swept up in making choices in habituated ways, that often, choice by choice, chip away from who we know ourself to be at our core. In other words, we lose ourselves.

You will discover how to reconnect with your core and how to choose with integrity, in ways that honours you, and those in your life that is not tied to habituated cultural conditioning.


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THE FINE PRINT: Deposits are non-refundable.  If you need to postpone I will work with you to find someone to fill your seat. You may also participate in another offering of the Power of Seven™ within 12 months, or use your deposit as a payment for another four, or 7 week  program experience.

Engage your Curiosity

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