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Beginning Again – The Process (6 week program)

February 3, 2019 @ 6:30 pm - 9:30 pm

Sunrise - Beginning Again - The Process

What if you could trust all the choices you make in the moment?

We often find ourselves starting over, and engaging a Beginning Again process when an event takes place in our life. We graduate, or not…, get married, have a child, break up,  separate/divorce, get a job, lose a job, move, lose someone close etc…

With each of these events we are flung into what can be an uncomfortable experience of redefining ourselves, and/or, redefining our life as we know it. These moments force us to look at ourselves,  look back at the choices we made to get us to where we stand in the moment, and to look forward to envision what our life might look like.

Do you FIND …

  • You feel you have ‘no choice’ but to engage a change because of circumstances?
  • That doubt creeps in and surfaces when you decide you need/want a change?
  • You engage a strategy for change and are all fired up at the beginning, then things wane and you are right back where you started?
  • You don’t feel you can trust the choices you are making?

WHAT if …

  • You were able to redefine Beginning Again as a process of each breath?
  • You discovered that safety  truly is an inside job, and lives within you?
  • All that was required to shift how you see and experience your world involved learning how to Decloak the truth of your experience to yourSELF first, and then to others, as a gateway to your evolving SELF?
  • You could trust all the choices you make in the moment?
  • You discover that you have the capacity to SELF initiate the change you seek?

How would this CHANGE your WORLD?

© Raina McDonald 2014 http://rainamcdonald.com/

© Raina McDonald 2014

Would you be willing to step into a process that enabled you to discover HOW to BEGIN AGAIN… NOW, in this, present moment?

Are you ready to know you don’t have to wait for something to happen, that you have the ability to choose in this breath to shape your life differently?




  • Engage in weekly conversations over 5 weeks.
  • Listen, engage, and discover new information from the Decloaking and Living Authentically 20 CD package as an introduction, and invitation, to consider another way of engaging the choices you make.
  • You will have access to a closed Facebook page, where you can share your struggles, insights, and emerging SELF.
  • Participate in a 10 day writing exercise as a way to notice the process of thinking you engage, discover how to ask different questions, which allows for greater space, to access more innovative and empowering ways choosing.
  • Two (2) one to one CODE Model™ Coaching sessions

 This is for individuals …

  • looking to start over by creating a new foundation
  • seeking to discover a different way to engage the fear, rage, and shame that lives within
  • who have tried other methodologies and find yourself back where you started
  • who are tired of the same old routine and wanting to BE more present in each moment

Limited to 10 individuals who are READY to SHAPE your world, YOUR way NOW!

The NEXT SESSION begins:

  • February 3, 2019

Meeting Dates Schedule

  • February 3rd, 10th, 17th, March 3rd, 10th
  • From 6:30 – 9:30 pm Eastern Time
  • Please note times may be adjusted depending on where participants are located.


  • Begins with applying and engaging in a conversation about how this process will change your current circumstances.
  • Committing to yourSELF, to discover when you honour you, you honour everyone in your life.

Applying does NOT require payment.
Because the Beginning Again Process consist of intimate gatherings, and is intensely personal, we ask for applications, not registrations. Your application simply means you’re curious about this approach. That’s wonderful! Consideration leads to conversation, which leads to free and informed choices. When you apply, you will be prompted to schedule an appointment that is convenient for you. Don’t worry, it’s just to chat.


Not included:

  • There is an additional fee for the Decloaking and Living Authentically CD’s ($250 CDN value).  Click on the following link to download directly from the WEL-Systems® Institute .

The fine print: Registration fees are non refundable.  You may participate in the next offering or choose another program experience of equal value within a one year period.


February 3, 2019
6:30 pm - 9:30 pm
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