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It’s Easy to Lose Yourself in IVF

My Journey through IVF Part 2 The story continues... For those of you just joining you can read part one of this blog here. When we last met, three days after I received the call from the doctor letting us know none of the eggs harvested were viable, I had my “collapse” in the back seat of the car heading back to the airport from a work trip. I pulled myself together by the time we arrived at the airport, and by the time I got home I was ... Keep Going about It’s Easy to Lose Yourself in IVF

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Who are ready and willing to engage their employees in a process of transformation and change from an internal reference point.

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Who are ready to choose a different process of living, going beyond deeply embedded habituation to one that is enlivening and awake.

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Of groups, organizations, and associations who are looking for a speaker to invite participants into a different conversation with themselves and others.

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