InConversation Experiences

InConversation Experiences encompasses the many different ways you may engage with your Self outside of the five-day intensive experiences. Each of these experiences allows you to have that intimate conversation with yourSelf in the presence of others who can bear witness to you emerging into your potential.

Experiences include:

Waking up to Your Self, for men and women: These are open conversations held infrequently to explore what is going on in our lives within a WEL-Systems® context.

For Women

  • InConversation: Four days over four months of deeply intimate and provocative conversations for you to discover you are much more than who you think you are.
  • Awakening the Body for Accelerated Change: A full day experience designed for you to discover how to awaken, pay attention to and move information through the body using the WEL-Systems® Quantum TLC™ approach.
  • Waking up to Your Self:  A one day program experience that allows you to discover the many layers that exist within you AND allows you to move through the those layers seamlessly to live the life you want.
For Men:
  • How We Define Ourselves Series for Men: A series of four conversations created to provide an introduction to the WEL-Systems® approach and where men have a space to engage differently with themselves and with each other.
  • Discover Your Emerging Self: An exploration for those seeking to continue the conversation of what more we can become.
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