Decloaking and Living Authentically


Five days that can change your life.

I offer this program experience to both Women and Men

Accelerated evolution… it happens now!  Decloaking and Living Authentically is the first step in accelerating the process of your journey to Self discovery.  The experience allows  you to notice what is going on inside of you and to get curious about the habits we run to keep us where we are at.  As long as you are willing and able to engage with your Self, your life will change in a breath.

This experience is for individuals who are ready to:

  • discover we are more than we have been told,
  • rediscover what you already know inside of yourSelf,
  • reconnect you with your body,
  • find the safety that resides within, in order to create the life you want.


Create the life you want now!

What to expect:

    • Guided conversations conducted in a safe environment
    • The opportunity to live what you learn
    • The chance to come face to face with those aspects of yourself you have buried deep inside you
    • The opportunity to learn how to trust yourself and engage the power that resides in all of us

The only way to change your life is to ENGAGE with your Self.

Next Offerings

September 21 – 25 For Men: Registration Information

Location: TBD

To find out more information and to Register click here


For Women: Registration Information – Date: TBD

Location: Ottawa, ON

Payment Options

Early Bird Registration (full payment , by August 10, 2015  $2,650.00 + HST)
Full Payment Options
Save my seat non refundable deposit  ($1000.00 + HST)
Final Payment  ($1,800.00 + HST)
Full Payment after  ($2,800.00 + HST)

Interac eTransfer and cheques are also accepted

Please go to check-out under cart to complete the transaction. All prices shown are in Canadian dollars. Deposits are non refundable.

Pricing includes a set of  20 Decloaking and Living Authentically CD’s, only available in this experience. Value $500.00

Other Information:

      • Each session will have a maximum of ten (10) participants
      • If a session is canceled due to unexpected circumstances participants may attend another session within a year of purchase.

The Impact of the Experience from those who Engaged

Recently I interviewed Chris Burton, from Nova Scotia. Chris was a participant from the first Decloaking and Living Authentically for men in 2011 click here to hear what he has to say.


Lisa I have so much appreciation for you and the body of knowledge you introduced me to. You gave me the space to come around on my own time. You’re actions demonstrate for me the difference between forcing and allowing.

Ed Hanrahan, Ottawa


One word that would describe it perfectly is “awakening”. Yes, I woke up; I woke up from a deep long dream that seemed like my life. My first impulse was to call it a nightmare but no, it was not a nightmare as it was my life and it was perfect as it was because it got me to where I am now.

You know when you dream things just happen “to you”, you don’t really have control over what’s going to happen next, well, that was my life until the Decloaking. What I know now, deep down in the tissue of my body is that I HAVE a choice, always. I also know that no matter what that choice is, it is always perfect. If I decide not to make a choice, that is also perfect as it is MY life and I live it awake.

It really is not easy to describe the whole experience as it is as individual as people in the room and yet all those present are a part of me and by seeing mySelf  in them I allowed myself  to show-up and revealed the real Me.  I allowed mySelf to look at all those aspects that are buried deep down, where we are usually scared to even look. I am not afraid to look anymore; it’s all mine and now I know that I have a choice to either engage it or leave it be, and it’s all genius!

I “understand” now. My intellect “understands” now so I can allow my body to do what it is designed to do and I can claim my life back. I understand that I don’t need to know, but I also have something in my sleeve that my mind can get preoccupied with so I can allow mySelf to just BE.

A new paradigm is reviled during the 5 days and I’ve learned that there is a different way to live. Yet again, I have a choice HOW I want to live my life: is it the way that I’ve been told is right or the way that my body tells me it is. I know now that I have a choice.

You are in the BEST of company. I can’t imagine myself going through this experience with anyone else. Lisa is there for you all the way and she is not afraid to look in that “box” standing hand in hand besides you so you will know that you don’t have to do it alone. There is a lot of comfort in knowing that…

I hope you will find the courage in yourSelf to engage in this experience. You will not regret it and it WILL change your life.

Beata, Ottawa