Corporate Offerings

What are organizations? People interacting with one another. How do you create real change within an organization? The people, the individuals must choose to BE different, must choose to LIVE differently. When was the last time you asked your SELF, what is the change I am seeking to create for me, inside of where I work?

If you are seeking to create a different kind of space, or culture within your organization and have been around the block and engaged the tried and true methods out there and still nothing has changed or change has happened incrementally, then perhaps is time for something different.

Our approach is based on the WEL-Systems® body of knowledge, and utilizes the Skilled Facilitator Approach to Effective Conversations, to create unique experiences for your group or organization. What makes this different? Participants are able to engage on their individual journeys as a collective. AND individuals are given the opportunity to self select.

Contact me to discuss what is possible for your group or organization.

LeaderSELF Coaching Circle

Three month process

An intensive experience which enables participants to ‘live’ what they learn over a three months. May be engaged virtually and in person. Click here for more information.

Healthy Workplace Conversation

One day Introduction

Provide an alternative context for participants, to consider differently, how they think and act in the workplace, as well as provide tools to help participants interact in a more open honest, clear and direct way with one another, thereby enhancing the work environment, culture and experience.


The programs described below are the corporate equivalents to Decloaking and Living Authentically and Engaging and Awakening Others.

ReAwakening LeaderSELF

Five Day Conversation

The first step of the journey where your organization becomes the backdrop for participants to discover how to:

  • show up fully
  • trust their internally referenced decisions
  • become the invitation for others to BE themselves

Leading from the Inside Out

Five Day Conversation

Part two of the corporate journey where individuals discover the leadership is a state of being and discover the beliefs, values and attitudes we hold within ourselves about our capacity to lead.

There is a maximum of 10 individuals per offering to ensure space is created for each person.

Please contact me for pricing details.

Getting Started

Each offering is customized based on the needs of your organization. Please contact me to discuss what is possible for your group or organization. Interested in having your staff start the journey before you step into the room? Consider having conversations based on listening to the following radio shows and, or, reading and listening to the following books and CD’s.

Authenticity in the Workplace (radio show)

Beliefs, Values and Attitudes in the Workplace (radio show)

Fully Alive: Awakening Health, Humour, Compassion and Truth (book)

Phoenix Rising: The Freeing of Human Potential (book)

Pathways to Personal Power (2 CDs)

Guided Reflections: Awakening the Body (2 CDs)