Individualy Guided Experiential Conversations

Your life can change with the simple act of breathing which includes inhaling AND exhaling.

The CODE Model™ Coaching experience is not an intellectual process. This is about becoming attuned to the information your body presents, and learning how to trust those internal cues in determining how to move forward in your life.

We live in a highly externally referenced world; are you aware of how much of your life is determined by how someone else may or may not respond to you? How often do you allow yourSelf to be persuaded to do something you really don’t want to do in order to please others?

“It’s not about solving a problem but transforming a life!”~Louise LeBrun~

The Process:

Using the WEL-Systems® body of knowledge to set the context for the conversations  we will talk about your life, your work, your family, and use the CODE Model™, as a framework of inquiry to get curious about, bump up against, and explore your existing beliefs, values and attitudes.

One-on-one coaching sessions are designed for you to come to see the genius of the strategies, habits and patterns  you have created in your life, and to come to know that everything that moves inside of you is your gateway to living your life fully. You will discover there is no need to run from yourself.

The Structure:

  • CODE Model Coaching™ Sessions are 2 to 2.5 hours in length to provide the space for a deeper layer of exploration.
  • Indviduals sign up for a minimum of four (4) sessions completed in an agreed amount of time.
  • Based on what presents, books, audio files, CD’s or articles may be suggested to support your journey.

People often ask, “What happens in these sessions?” Listen to the audio clip below to find out more.

The results:

  • Trust that your body has the ability to process and metabolize information at speeds far greater than our intellect ever could.
  • Discover how the conscious use of breath and and the highly experiential process of  Quantum TLC™ (Triggering Life Choices) enables you to move and integrate massive amounts of information quickly and easily through your body.
  • Gain insights and shifts in your way of thinking and being, allowing for change to happen at an accelerated pace.

These sessions are designed so that you can claim who you are, own what moves inside of you, and begin to the life YOU want to live!

Contact me to arrange for your journey to begin!