On this page you will find the reflections of individuals who have chosen to engage in one or many of the conversation experiences offered; and have discovered a different process of BEING in their lives.


T. Schonberg, Ottawa, November 2016 ( Whispers from Within Writing Exercise)

Reflections on the 10 day writing exercise.
I had met with Lisa for a coffee and as usual something in our conversation and the questions she asked me, evoked a deep curiosity. Lisa has a way of asking questions that hit the mark every time. I needed to know more, both about the processes she was describing and this cord that had been struck inside of me. Lisa suggested the 10 day writing exercise as a good way to start. I would write for 30 minutes a day (or longer) and she would provide some reflections on my writing that I could use to assist me in the process.

Wow, I had no idea what would come of this (apparently) simple exercise! Whatever had stirred inside of me during our conversation really needed to get out because I started writing that night, even before Lisa and I had confirmed that I would start. I couldn’t help myself, whatever was inside (my Self) really wanted a voice.

Over the 10 days, I let my guard down and shared with Lisa some deep thoughts and feelings that I had not explored before. Realizing the stories and limits I was placing on mySelf and considering Lisa’s reflections to my writing was an incredibly moving experience. Through the writing process, I realized the stories I was holding on to and the “rules” that I was living my life by. As soon as I decided for myself that some of these rules no longer worked for me, I was changed. I could now write a new story moving forward and had tools to then ask myself, does this new story work? Our choices are unlimited and we can change our minds anytime.

A big discovery for me was being mindful of the words that I choose. This was something that I rarely ever paid attention to but as I wrote, I began to see patterns in the words and Lisa was able to point out where the word I chose was not serving me. I have learned that my words are powerful and carry impactful messages. Using new words that work for me and writing a story of my own choosing instead of blindly following the ‘Rules’ that I held for myself has been a transforming experience.


Angela Burton, NS, August 2016 (CODE Model Coaching™ & LeaderSELF Conversation)

” Your magical, loving energy was the catalyst which has allowed layers and layers of old stuff to be peeled away. I’m full of excitement about my life, and the life I am co-creating with my husband.”


Samantha Michael, author of The Beauty of My Shadow, February 2016 (Waking Up to Your SELF)

“Lisa has a wonderful energy about her. The after effects of this discussion were extremely meaningful to me and the changes are definitely long term. I felt support during this discussion and had insight like never before.”


F. Yamada, Ottawa, August 2015 (CODE Model Coaching™)

Amazingly, this WEL-System®, CODE Model Coaching™ method worked wonders in my life.

I recommend her coaching to any ambitious individuals who want to go beyond the barriers in front of them.

I needed coaching to prepare myself for a promotion process at a government department. It was my first time to go through such a process and the preparation seemed a daunting task to me. It appeared to me that I needed a one-semester course in policy analysis to pass the exam and the interview. It was the best strategy to get coaching from Lisa. I knew her from the time she was a facilitator at a career development seminar.

I learnt many important principles to overcome my fears and gain confidence in me.

  • Her sincere interest in my growth and her enthusiasm were the catalyst to change my old habits into a more effective way to communicate and present myself so much better.
  • Her pleasing sound of laughter and huge smiles brought in a swirl of storm for innovating my new life, a discovery of a better side of me!
  • Lisa coached me to the correct direction – to focus in answering the specific questions in such a way that the interviewers can put check mark on the testing points. I was so deeply buried under a huge amount of information I researched that I did not know how to organize to prepare for the interview.  Continue reading


Andra Morrison, Ottawa, August 2015 (LeaderSELF Coaching Circle)

The LeaderSELF Coaching Circle was an adventure. It created an opportunity for me to seriously consider leadership attributes that sat comfortably with me. As I discovered what these attributes were, and how they resonated with the person I continue to evolve into, with guidance from Lisa and encouragement from my coaching circle colleagues, I was able to see my LeaderSELF from multiple new and empowering perspectives.

The sharing of experiences and ideas with the coaching circle was an intimate and frank endeavour; conversation was often humbling, sometimes uplifting and always pertinent.

The big change for me is that I no longer need to routinely dissect external events or understand behaviours. Instead, I focus on honouring my LeaderSELF…and the more I do it, the easier and more joyful it becomes.


C.  McBean, Owner, Rowanwood Consulting August 2015 (LeaderSELF Coaching Circle)

I was fortunate to be included in the pilot LeaderSELF coaching experience facilitated by Lisa during the first half of 2015. The timing of a month between each of the half-day workshops, backed up with additional group seminars, and the one-on-one coaching sessions enabled me to put into practice the insights and self-awareness I gained from these meetings when interacting with family, friends and work colleagues.

As Lisa guided us through the LeaderSELF coaching process using key phrases or ideas she wanted us to explore, the group built upon its own life experience over the previous month, bringing real world issues and solutions to be dissected and used by all over the coming weeks.

Different from an intense 5-day workshop, the LeaderSELF coaching process became integrated into my daily life, and I found myself bringing real issues, challenges and experiences to the group for discussion, and was grateful for the on-going conversation over the extended period of time which permitted feedback and adjustment that addressed my everyday interactions.

I would recommend the LeaderSELF Coaching Circle to anyone who is interested in exploring what it’s like to recognize and then access their authentic voice.


Genie, Ottawa August 2015 (LeaderSELF Coaching Circle)

Over the course of the last year and a half, I have become very aware that my life and how I am choosing to live in the world is transforming rapidly. I was no longer willing to sit back and let my life just go on as it had been – accepting the status quo, not saying what I needed to say when I needed to say it and in the way which served me, telling myself that I could not make a difference, telling myself that change had to be incremental so that I did not rock the boat. I was beginning to do what was needful for me to create the world in which I want to live.

When I read about this experience, I knew that I had to be there for mySelf. Being part of this coaching circle provided me with a safe place to explore mySelf as the leader in my own life and to see myself in the world differently.

Through our group discussions, monthly follow up meetings and individual coaching sessions, my transformation has grown exponentially. While I know that I am not the woman I was over 18 months ago, I am so very aware that who I am now is radically different from who I was just over 5 months ago. I am choosing to take the lead in my own life, explore potential and possibility, and create and choose those experiences which light up my world. And, for me, the most powerful result of being part of the LeaderSELF Coaching Circle has been that who I know mySelf to be has expanded and evolved to encompass the intensity and immensity of my spirit.


Christopher McBean, Ottawa June 2014 (Engaging and Awakening Others)

I went into the 5-day retreat mentally and physically exhausted, not knowing if I could bring my whole self into the room, but during the week the insights regarding how I interact with family members were profound and I am astounded by the fundamental new awareness I developed about myself.

During the journey, Lisa continued to listen and then invite us all to consider another way of being. 

The pivotal moment was when I moved away from telling my sacred story, and everyone just waited, knowing what I myself didn’t know, that I wasn’t finished and sure enough 30 minutes later I was back in that chair moving, shifting massive amounts of information blowing away 40 year old cobwebs.

Lisa’s willingness just to sit and be there for me as I struggled with myself created a safe environment allowing me to acknowledge who I really am in this moment.

Thank you Lisa so much for this opportunity and to everyone who supported my journey.


Andra Morrison, Ottawa, April 2014 (CODE Model Coaching™)

I came into contact with Lisa because I was seeking guidance on how to deliver a polished business presentation and facilitated workshop. The event was less than a month away and I was worried that my hosts would lose faith in my ability to lead a project because of my clunky presentation skills. Lisa was recommended to me by one of Ottawa’s finest facilitators; a well-respected author who was unable to coach me herself.

I have always avoided opportunities to speak publicly; in small team meetings or at large professional or social events. Recognizing that my fear of public speaking was immobilizing me, I took countless evening courses and professional development opportunities. None of these made a meaningful difference to my presentation experience.

Right from the start, Lisa was confident that within four sessions I would be able to present publicly by addressing my fear differently. I was skeptical. But I was desperate and time was running out, so I agreed.   Continue reading


Ed Hanrahan, Ottawa March 2014 (Engaging and Awakening Others)

“The words competition, conformity and shame keep coming up as waves of family history roll through me. In 1972 long hair was a social and political time bomb in my family. Like today, parents were unsure how to view conformity. Taming the non – conformist was often considered good parenting, and still is today. 

For my parents, success was considered the objective over living true to who we really are. In order to successfully compete in the world we must conform to an external reality that may, or may not support our true Self.  Before age 12 I mostly rejected both, but slowly I came to embrace what was happening “out there.” I now know my desire to compete is the same as my desire to conform, they’re both about feeling accepted.   Continue Reading


Beata, Ottawa, 2011  (Decloaking and Living Authentically)

One word that would describe it perfectly is “awakening”. Yes, I woke up; I woke up from a deep long dream that seemed like my life. My first impulse was to call it a nightmare but no, it was not a nightmare as it was my life and it was perfect as it was because it got me to where I am now.

You know when you dream things just happen “to you”, you don’t really have control over what’s going to happen next, well, that was my life until the Decloaking. What I know now, deep down in the tissue of my body is that I HAVE a choice, always. I also know that no matter what that choice is, it is always perfect. If I decide not to make a choice, that is also perfect as it is MY life and I live it awake.

It really is not easy to describe the whole experience as it is as individual as people in the room and yet all those present are a part of me and by seeing mySelf  in them I allowed myself  to show-up and revealed the real Me.  I allowed mySelf to look at all those aspects that are buried deep down, where we are usually scared to even look. I am not afraid to look anymore; it’s all mine and now I know that I have a choice to either engage it or leave it be, and it’s all genius! Continue Reading


June 2011

Lisa was the guest speaker at our “Women Business Owners IDEX Forum. Her topic: “Choosing to Choose Differently OR Thinking about How We Think”. Lisa easily and effortlessly lead me to an AH-HA moment. From now on I will remember to look up (towards the sky) when I want to transcend my current environment and be the person I have the potential to become.

Sheldon Rice CIM, FCSI
Financial Advisor
Raymond James Ltd.


Maria, Montreal 2009 (Decloaking and Living Authentically)

I’ve been waiting for the perfect moment to post this wonderful news I’ve been holding onto for a few days now…….i am pregnant!!!! For years I’ve been trying to conceive (2 ivf attempts) and on my own, and it just never happened for us. For so long I was told I would never be able to conceive especially not without medical assistance. As I’m writing this the tears are just flowing down filled with the emotion that comes with it. The anger I have kept inside for so long. The anger I had at the doctors telling me that it’s impossible when I knew in my heart it wasn’t true. Now I realize that I was listening to my body and trusting it and didn’t know what I know now. How dare they tell me what my body was not capable of doing! I canceled my last In-vitro treatment this month and it was pre-paid (and it’s a lot of money), cause I knew my body was capable and I was ready to accept if it wasn’t ready. I refused to put any more JUNK into my body, to force it to conceive. And here I am today PREGNANT.   Continue Reading