Our Mission

Create the space for individuals to awaken, and become aware of, the living intelligence that resides within, enabling them to find their own solutions, from their internal reference point.

When you are awake to your internal reference point the results include:

  • Owning your choices – You cannot be victim when you own your choices
  • Discovering the Leader you already are that encompasses your personal and professional life

 You know you want something different for your life…

you just don’t know what it is…

It’s YOU

I of the Storm Coaching & Consulting is about standing in the midst of everything going on in your life, the joy, the turmoil, the angst, the frustration and happiness, and taking a breath to discover that you and I create it all.

What I do

Create a space that allows you to get curious about, and let go of, the why’s and how’s involved in the life you have created for your Self and step into claiming the life you deserve.

In this space you will find the information to help you discover who you have the potential to be and create the life you want in this moment, not three, six or twelve months from now.

  Ask your Self, and really let the question below rumble around inside of you.

Am I living my life to the full potential that I know exists inside of me?

Guess what? It’s not about the answer, it’s about the sensations that rumble around inside of you as you ask the question. This is not an intellectual process.

The foundation of the work we do is grounded in The WEL-Systems® Institute body of knowledge and approach to living an authentic life. This process is based on the quantum sciences, and allows you to get to the root of who you are in a manner that invites and allows the body to do what it is designed to do; process information at a rate thousand’s of times faster than that of the intellect.

Where are you standing right now in your life?

Are you willing to do what it takes to start living YOUR life?

If your answer is yes then you are ready!

The next step is to connect with me!


A few words from the Creator of WEL-Systems®

When you first meet Lisa, you can’t help but notice her genuine warmth, caring and desire to connect. Vibrant, intelligent and dynamic, this is one woman who stands out in a crowd, her presence drawing you to engage with her. However, none of these are what I noticed when I first met Lisa. What instantly captured my imagination was the Fire in her eyes!

Fast-forward to the present and our journey together has been a Great Adventure of discovering the genius of the Fire energy, within. Rare are the invitations and opportunities for women to find a space that is large enough… and safe enough!… for us to be willing to dive into that deeper, sacred place within that carries the inner truth of our own greatness. ‘The Star’ that we each are, awaits.

With courage, curiosity and a deep commitment to her own evolution, Lisa shares in a way that is open, clear, honest and direct, paving the way for each of us to be so, in kind. In life, rarely are we blessed with a companion that can stay with us without taking over the journey; stand with us when we are unable or unwilling to stand alone; and trust herself and us in those moments when we are unable to trust ourselves. Lisa lives what she shares and is a breathing, moving expression of the very potential that she has the great desire to help you find, in yourself.

As you stand at the precipice of your own evolution, know that choosing to engage with Lisa is a wise choice, indeed. As a WEL-Systems Institute Affiliate, Lisa embodies all that we hold as meaningful, trusting her to stand tall in her own Emerging Future and engage with you as you discover this powerful process for yourself. You can be sure that you will go beyond incremental change and discover the great joy of embracing the leaps and bounds that life offers when we free ourselves of our own limitations. In Lisa, you’ll find a most willing and able playmate!

Louise LeBrun
WEL-Systems Institute