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Two weeks ago I moved out of the custom built home my ex husband and I designed and built. I just realized, it took the same amount of time to sell it, and move out, as it did to build it, and move in. Nine months.

And as this year is all about BEGINNING AGAIN, that seems appropriate somehow.

When all was said and done and the movers were gone and the house was cleaned I took a moment to walk through the empty rooms one more time and said Goodbye.

It was then I revealed to mySELF how EXHAUSTED I was…¬†just breathe sign

Exhausted from holding it together

Exhausted from holding on

Exhausted from pretending 

Exhausted from hiding

Exhausted from the story

In the two weeks since then I asked mySELF…What if I choose

To no longer hold on?

To come apart?

To reveal the truth of my experience?

To show up?

To BE present NOW?

How different would my life be?

How different would my world be?

How different would I be?

Until the next time…

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  1. Hey Lisa when I return from Nfld , where I am now, in early April I would like to FaceTime if you are open to a conversation. I recognized part of my journey these past months in your writing. Surprise Surprise !!! I was putting pressure on myself to dream up this whole new business for myself which was a great idea etc etc and I chose differently for now and I may choose differently again. I also chose me and exited a very heavy “support role”, I chose me, not that , no more – such a tangled web I created to learn another layer of choosing my life. Love to talk
    Big hug
    What about April 7 or 8 in the late morning. Say 11 Ontario time ?

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