MML Day 6 – Claiming Magnificence

Jan 21st, 2017 | By | Category: Insights

Well here we are…day 6, the final day of Manifesting a Meaningful Life. Saying I have taken myself on an adventure is an understatement.

The space that was required for today to unfold was beyond Massive. The elements included cloudy, rainy windy, and cool.

It began with me asking Naomi to create a necklace for me. What seemed at the time to be a simple, insignificant request. What it did was open a portal for me to claim the IMMENSE FORCE that I AM.

Liquid spiralLet me go back a bit…This morning I began my day as I AM SPACE UNFOLDING. I knew it was not complete, and I had to put aside the thoughts about “oh my gawd it’s day six, the final day, and I have an incomplete signal.”

As I engaged the morning wave of information the questions that arose were:

“Am I willing to create the space to see my own magnificence?”

“Am I willing to let today be the day the contract I created to see and bear witness to the magnificence of others and not my own expire?”


As I allowed the IMMENSITY of my BEING to move through me and own all the strategies I put in place to not see mySELF, I also invited mySELF to land in a place where I could declare out loud and in writing my signal without any judgement attached to it.

This wonderful quote, “Our thoughts are energy manifesting.”  by my dear friend Naomi Irons provided the invitation for me to Be the vibration I am.

© Raina McDonald 2014

© Raina McDonald 2014


My reveal: The magnitude of the FORCE we are goes far beyond the boundaries of the limits of our learned way of thinking.

When I allow mySELF to relax into the vastness of my BEING, my thoughts expand and come from a very different place. A place of creation, not of limitation.

The essence of spirit touching tissue IS for us to know our vastness, magnitude and magnificence.

It has been an extraordinary 6 days. Each day I allowed mySELF to dive into the the depths of my BEING, and come face to face with my Magnificence. The aspect I denied mySELF my entire life, even though I could see it in everyone else around me.

Today I tore up the old contract and am now free to create from a space that has no tethers to what was. I am now free to invite mySELF to create from the NOW.

I want to thank the four other courageous, visionary, goddesses that stood beside me the entire time. And Thank you, those of you who chose to read, engage and bear witness to my journey.


Until the next time!



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  1. WOW so excited for you, for all of us, as you claim your magnificence you are the invitation for us all. As women around the world stood up and stood together yesterday the unfolding waves of recognition of just who we are at so many levels! We will not be limited!
    “Our thoughts are energy manifesting” is a new idea / concept for me to consider – it jumped out for me in your post. Thks for sharing your journey this week with me Lisa
    Big hug

  2. Thank you, Lisa, for sharing your profound journey this week. Who will I meet when you return to Ottawa? Looking forward to it, don’t rush though, let the waves continue, and enjoy your time and space in paradise!
    Cheers, Cille

  3. Your journey has reached me Lisa! It has me curious about this question…“Am I willing to let today be the day the contract I created to see and bear witness to the magnificence of others and not my own expire?” My intellect is not processing it but I feel there is something in it for me as I keep coming back to reading it and the confusion it elicits. I would love to hear more about what it means to you. The word “contract” and “expire” stand out
    Hugs for your willingness to share AND for your signals n this world!

  4. Hi Karey, thank you!
    I’m so glad you chose to engage in the process with us. One of the rediscoveries this past week was my ability to let go, and with GREAT RIG not need to know what things mean to others. To allow myself to HEAR a truth that rises to the surface of my BEING while in conversation with the magnificent goddesses I created for this journey. It doesn’t matter what it means to me, consider allowing yourself to see where you land on the other side of confusion of what is there for you. Big hugs! Lisa

  5. Thank you Leona!

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