Day 5 MML – The Process

Jan 21st, 2017 | By | Category: Insights

I don’t know why I’m surprised at what I reveal to mySELF every day. Manifesting a Meaningful Life is a process where we allow the SIGNAL that we are to find us…this is not a static thing, it shifts and evolves.

Evoultion is not a static process. It requires the courage to begin again, and again, and again…to allow ourSELF to let go of EVERYTHING we think and believe we know and step into the unknown of our unfolding.

Liquid spiralThe words that shaped my evolution today include: PROCESS, TRUST, ESSENCE, and SECRET


There is an ANCIENT WISDOM in the SILENCE of our BEING.

Listening for the WISDOM contained in our silence is essential.  I must have a willingness to allow for content when it presents, and for information that presents as sensations to move through my device.

For years I have written and spoken about how voice is so important to me. I always knew it was about the VIBRATION. What I revealed to mySELF today is the vibration lies within the silence. This is the birthplace where I emmenate from. This is the place where I shape and reshape my reality.

This is the invitation I bring to the world – the invitation to PAUSE and hear what emerges from a place deep within our soul.

Until tomorrow!

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