Day 4 MML Revelations

Jan 20th, 2017 | By | Category: Insights

This Morning started early…we got up to watch the BIG WAVES come in. It was incredible! As I bore witness to Nature BEING herself I marvelled at the majesty and grace of the waves.


Water is a FORCE to be respected, and admired, for it’s beauty and grace. How often do we deny ourselves the beauty and grace of the FORCE of our BEING? We are often taught and told to settle down, or to contain all that we are. Force and Grace

We learn to be afraid of the intensity of the sensations that move within our body. As I watched the waves, I have a new appreciation for my internal waves, and it dawned on me…If I am willing…I am able to relax into and appreciate the grace in which the wave can move through me. My wave can be intense, and soft all at the same time. 

I experienced a massive wave…one I did not see coming. All from pulling three cards from the Sacred Rebels card set. I owned my unwillingness to receive mySELF and therefore my inability to see mySELF received by others.

The question that arose is “Am I willing to let go of all that no longer serves me as an invitation to nurture mySELF?”

Each choice informs me. And I need to pay attention to the context in which I am choosing. Am I looking through the eyes of my past, my present or my future? Today I heard the words “A willingness to be open to and open to all contexts.” This creates a much larger space for me to engage and relax into.

Until tomorrow!

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