Day 3 MML The Unfolding

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Day 3 has almost come to a close. It began early this morning. We had not even had our coffee or tea and we hit the ground running. Lots moving, thoughts emerging, and signals landing with such ease, well for some of us. And a knowing that each of us is here to engage our own process of discovery.

I could feel a massive shift occurring from deep within the core…then to hear of 5 volcanos eurupting. IMG_1321

Noticing how we see ‘natural occurrences’ as disasters. When in fact volcano’s europting creates new land masses, and new opportunities for growth.

The words that caught my attention from flow of our conversations included:

UNFOLDING – like the waves unfold on the the shore, the same is possible as a way for us to live our life. Unfolding into the now, one breath at a time.

ATTACHMENT – the illusion that we must be wholly dependent on another. It is a construct of our intellect, which binds us to a belief system that says we are not enough.

WHOLENESS – to KNOW that we are not broken and do not need to be fixed. To be awake to every sensation, not just the ones we label as ‘good’. To be whole means we get to experience EVERYTHING that moves inside of us.

RESILIENCE – just like how water finds it’s way through crevices and cracks our resilience to BE ourself lives within. All we have to do is remember we are so much more.

As the conversations meandered through the day, these words emerged from deep within:

We learn how to turn away from the depths of what we feel when it presents in what we describe as ‘negative’ emotions. What if the sensations we describe as ‘negative’ ARE the gateway for us to reclaim the depth of our soul?

We are taught to run and hide from these feelings, that somehow they are less then the ‘positive’, and yet, each time I allow mySELF to sit within the fluid space of the information they carry, my life unfolds in ways I cannot begin to imagine.”

This particular Manifesting a Meaningful Life has been an experience of interconnectivity. Each signal as it presents is not separate from the one before or after. We are all a part of the whole, a unique note unfolding into this reality.


With these words I am able to feel a softening emerging from deep within the vastness of my soul.

Until tomorrow!


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