Manifesting a Meaningful Life Day 2

Jan 17th, 2017 | By | Category: Insights

Well…Day 2 has been EPIC! I never know where I am going to take mySELF in these experiences.

This morning I pulled ‘Going Beyond Normal’ from the Sacred Rebels deck. Little did I now what was to follow.

The words that came into my awareness included DILUTION, RESTRUCTURING, REMEMBERANCE, INTEGRATION, and AGITATION. Inside a cave with a intense light

As I allowed all the words and the conversations to wash over me I heard mySelf say, ” When I set mySELF adrift the dilution that occurs is anchored and tethered by obligation and expectation that I place on mySELF.” 

There was also the conversation of polarity; of darkness and light and the denial of one over the other. A massive conversation ensued about the game we play of only wanting to share the ‘good and positive’ things and not the deep dark places that exist within us. AND how the world we live in is starved for this truth to emerge, to recognize it exists and is real AND it’s okay.

What is required is INTEGRATION. Integration of my body and soul, light and dark, truth and denial.

To Remember what we are. Then came the word Remembrance, as an active state of BEING.

The veil began to lift as I heard mySELF say, “Each person I create in my world carries a wisdom – a piece of the puzzle of my BEING which allows me to rediscover WHO I AM.”

Then the veil lifted:


When we deny the wisdom of our BEING we deny ourselves our birthright for being here.

The Human experience is the REMEMBERANCE and INTEGRATION of the WISDOM we carry.

I feel a softening into MYSELF, a softening in the agitation I once experienced when I witnessed others not owning their wisdom.

What we see on the outside is ALWAYS a reflection of what is going on inside of us.

Until tomorrow!

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