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How We Define Ourselves Series

June 6, 2016
July 7, 2016
Ottawa, ON, Canada

How often do you consider how you have defined yourself?

The basis of how we define ourselves is steeped in our cultural conditioning. In order to free ourselves we must be willing to explore who we believe ourselves to be through a different context.

In this conversation series we will spend  four weeks considering how to redefine how we see ourselves and consider living as Spiritual Beings having a Human experience…we will raise the level of conversation above the environmental, behavioural and strategy levels to the level of who we have the potential to become as we see ourselves beyond our gender.

Often, we believe ourselves to be the roles we play or have taken on.

Women: We see ourselves as mother, teacher, daughter, sister, friend, mentor, wife etc… At the core of each of these roles is one indisputable fact; you are a woman. We take in that we are defined as the sweet gentle girl, or tomboy or princess.

Gentlemen: When you are willing to remove the labels of the roles you play, such as, dad, son, brother, teacher, friend, mentor, husband etc… the one indisputable fact is; you are a man. In order to free yourself are you willing to raise your level of thinking to ‘what else?’

We spend our lives trying to live up to or deny those expectations and struggle to define: who am I really?

What Else?

We will engage various audio and video links from the WEL-Systems® Institute as the framework as we explore, discover, and come to know the processes that have shaped how you have come to define yourself as a woman, or man, and the associated roles you play.

Why is this conversation important?

It offers the possibility of a shift in the kaleidoscope of how you interact in your world, offering the potential for you to co-create differently with the people in your life.

Each conversation is for 2 hrs from 7:00 pm -9:00 pm

Dates: June 6th-7th, 13th, 20th, 27th, 2016

Requirement(s): None

Investment:    $150.00

To reserve  your place please contact me

Payment options accepted include VISA, cheque, and interac bank transfers