A New Job becomes the Gateway for a New Way of BEING

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I am always deeply touched, and moved, when individuals I engage with are willing to give voice to their experience. Below is the reflection of a recent client who engaged with me this past summer in preparation for a job interview.

My experience of having coaching sessions with Lisa Weiss, I of the Storm Coaching & Consulting, Communication & Facilitation Specialist.

I needed coaching to prepare myself for a promotion process at a government department. It was my first time to go through such a process and the preparation seemed a daunting task to me. It appeared to me that I needed a one-semester course in policy analysis to pass the exam and the interview. It was the best strategy to get coaching from Lisa. I knew her from the time she was a facilitator at a career development seminar.

I learnt many important principles to overcome my fears and gain confidence in me. 

  •  I learnt how to get hold of myself grounded and to secure my foundation of my knowledge and experience on which I can stand firmly and present myself with confidence. (Technique of Feather Breathing)
  •  Lisa coached me to the correct direction – to focus in answering the specific questions in such a way that the interviewers can put check mark on the testing points. I was so deeply buried under a huge amount of information I researched that I did not know how to organize to prepare for the interview.
  • Even though she did not have work experience in natural resource sector, she was very well versed to show me how to focus my answers on the current energy issues.
  •  Her genuine friendliness helped me to open up right away and get on turning my weakness to strength.
  • Her sincere interest in my growth and her enthusiasm were the catalyst to change my old habits into a more effective way to communicate and present myself so much better.
  • Her pleasing sound of laughter and huge smiles brought in a swirl of storm for innovating my new life, a discovery of a better side of me!
  • Lisa was very flexible in scheduling coaching sessions to meet the interview date without changing my summer holidays.

Amazingly, this WEL-System, Model Coach method worked wonders in my life.

I recommend her coaching to any ambitious individuals who want to go beyond the barriers in front of them.

~F. Yamada~

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