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LeaderSELF Coaching Circle

October 7, 2017 9:30 am
December 16, 2017 4:00 pm
Online and/or In Person
Ottawa, ON, Canada

Potential Inside

Explore and Discover what it means to lead from an internal state of BEING rather than an external reaction to circumstances.

Have you noticed the definitions of leadership don’t actually define it? Some definitions include:

  • The action of leading a group of people or an organization
  • The state or position of being a leader.
  • A person who guides or directs a group
  • Leadership is a process of social influence, which maximizes the efforts of others, towards the achievement of a goal.(Forbes article 2013)



Utilizing a proven process for creating massive shifts, this conversation will go beyond the surface. You will be guided to dive into the depths of deeply held beliefs, values and attitudes you hold, forged through a process, that shaped how we see, believe, and behave as leader.

LeaderSELF will explore how you live and interact with yourself and others everyday, going beyond the four walls of the office/cubicle and into the vast open space of your LIFE.

In this experience you will come to:

  • Know the brilliance of strategies you have created around the notion of leader
  • Recognize the strategies as they play out day to day
  • Discover another way of engaging with yourself and others
  • Become the invitation for others to discover something different
  • Shape your world beyond your expectations

Your investment:

  • Your commitment is for 3 months
  • Each month we will gather as a group for a half a day (4 hours) either in person or online
  • There will be one, 2 hour group call each month
  • You will have access to four (4) CODE Model Coaching™ sessions during the process

Limited to 6 participants

What past participants are saying…

The LeaderSELF Coaching Circle process created an opportunity for me to seriously consider leadership attributes that sat comfortably with me. The big change for me is that I no longer need to routinely dissect external events or understand behaviours. Instead, I focus on honouring my LeaderSELF…and the more I do it, the easier and more joyful it becomes.  ~A. Morrison, Ottawa~

I would recommend the LeaderSELF Coaching Circle to anyone who is interested in exploring what it’s like to recognize and then access their authentic voice.  ~C. McBean, Ottawa, ON ~

Through our group discussions, monthly follow up meetings and individual coaching sessions, my transformation has grown exponentially. The most powerful result of being part of the LeaderSELF Coaching Circle has been that who I know mySelf to be has expanded and evolved to encompass the intensity and immensity of my spirit.  ~Genie, Ottawa, ON ~ 



This session is offered twice a year March – June and October – December

Contact me to discover what is possible for you, as an individual, or for your organization.

Apply Now:  Register and reserve your space!

*****Note: deposits are non-refundable****** If you need to postpone you will have the option, within 12 months, to participate in another offering of the LeaderSELF Coaching Circle or as a payment for another three month or five day Decloaking and Living Authentically program experience.