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Engaging and Awakening Others for CODE Model Coaches™

April 14, 2014
April 17, 2014
Carp, ON, Canada



In order to invite others to go deeper and awaken more, I must first be willing to awaken more within mySelf!   ~ Lisa J. Weiss~




As a Registered or Certified CODE Model Coach™, you are aware that the processes of Androgynous Baby™ and Nested Living Systems™ never go away. What we come to discover is their appearance become more subtle, and yet their impact is just as deep, when we forget who and what we are.

The Engaging and Awakening Others ~ Daring to Stay Awake conversation is for WEL-Systems® Institute registered and certified CODE Model Coaches™ who are looking to stand side by side, and call to them the aspects who will allow the much deeper dive within.

My intention is to discover where we will take ourselves:

  • standing on a new platform of the second choice point
  • knowing what we know, in the good company of other aspects of ourselves
  • willing to see what we see, and hear what we hear
  • knowing everything that comes out of our mouth is about us
  • knowing everything we hear out the mouths of another is for our ears
  • choosing to bring to the surface the deep undulations that are still driving the bus

At this level of the game we know how to be slithery with ourselves.  In this conversation we will call onto our holodecks those aspects who will not allow us to move away from ourselves. Instead, this is a call for us to move towards and discover the deeply imbedded strategies we have long hidden from ourselves.

This is an opportunity for you to reveal another layer of your story, or to rewrite what was, as you stand in the now, choosing to move forward.

Connect with me if you feel this conversation is for you and to reserve your spot!


Next Offering: April 14-17, 2014


Full Payment:$2,000.00 + HST
Deposit: $1,000.00+ HST

Note*: HST will be added to amount at check-out.

Payments may be made via Interac direct deposit, cheque, PayPal or cash.

Contact me to discuss payment options.