Relaxing into a New Way of BEING

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I’m SOOO EXCITED to announce the launch I of the Storm Coaching & Consulting podcast InConversation. In the past I have been a guest, as well as guest host on the WEL-Systems® Institute show Reclaiming Your Self ~ Women Unedited and Engaged, and through that experience here I stand.

I am deeply honoured that my first show is with Chris Burton, one of the first men to step into the five day Decloaking and Living Authentically conversation I facilitated two years ago.

Join me, in this InConversation experience with my guest Chris Burton as we discuss the journey he has taken over the last two years, since he participated in Decloaking and Living Authentically for Men.

*Please note, there is static the first five minutes, it does go away…

Consider what the world would be like if men and women engaged differently with one another. What will it take for men to relax into new ways of being? Where they know they are godForces, and have the ability to carve out a very different life for themselves and those they love.

Chris Burton 1


Chris, a professional chef has carved out a very different life for himself, he co-creates meaningfully and mindfully with his wife Angela, a soon to be WEL-Systems Institute Certified CODE Model Coach™.  Listen and discover how relaxing into a new way of being can be as easy as taking a breath.


As the Principal Creator at I of the Storm Coaching & Consulting, Lisa is a WEL-Systems® Institute Affiliate and Certified CODE Model Coach™, and offers conversation experiences for both men and women.

“I am fueled by a statement from the Declaration of Evolution by Intention™ that states we have:

An opportunity to engage life differently through
- a call to women to lead and co-create differently with men
- an invitation for men to relax into new ways of being

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  1. Many impactful thoughts Chris shares here: thinking vs.hearing what I’m thinking – letting the whys go; what do I sacrifice in relationship with myself (by turning myself inside out) to satisfy the expectations of those around me; choosing me first in being the creator of my own world – only in accepting the invitation to choose ‘me first’ can I be in healthy relationship with my husband, my children, grandchildren, my mother & those in my community.
    I am aware of the moments of chaos that are intelligent responses in my body and indicators that I am on the brink of choosing something different for my life, even in my crone state – the emergence of signal #1.

  2. Thank you Wynne! In Engaging and Awakening Others this past week we discovered it does not matter what ‘state’ or stage we are in we have access to it ALL as we choose to stay connected to our capital ‘S’ Self and own we create every moment for ourselves to discover MORE of who and WHAT we are.

    With RIG,

  3. I so enjoyed listening to a man who has found the joy of being himself, the freedom of self-determination and being able to share this with his family He reminded me that living totally in the flow of energy that is our essence is an amazing journey and that as more people choose that state we can do not have to journey alone

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