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Awaken and Reclaim Your Life

July 22, 2013
July 24, 2013
Ottawa, ON, Canada

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At some point in our lives we ask the question “Is this it?” It’s a good question, it creates a space for us to stand in the now and consider what else. In my experience, we are always seeking the answers to these types of questions, and I have discovered; my life changes when I am willing to ask myself the bigger questions, such as Who do I have the potential to become if I choose differently in this moment?”

This three (3) day journey is for individuals who are willing to look beyond what you have been taught and to discover what else exists outside of the rules created for you and by you.

This process is about reconnecting to the internal cues, created in, and stored in your body, that indicate either subtly or not so subtly, how the choices you are making are impacting your life. It is an opportunity for you to engage a different process of how to choose meaningfully for your life.

This journey is for you to DISCOVER, AWAKEN and RELAX to a new way of being.

You have heard yourself say:

    • I believe, inside of me, there is more to me than what others perceive
    • I know there is more
    • I am curious, and want to explore what/who else?

This is Your Invitation to:

  • discover what it means to be a Quantum Biological Human
  • awaken your curiosity in the exploration of where you are willing to take your capital S Self
  • discover another process of choosing how to live your life

Ask Yourself

  • Am I willing to discover how I can live differently in just five days?
  • Am I willing to invest five days to MySELF?

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions

Registration Information

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Early Registration     $1,425.00+HST

Investment as of    $1,750.00 CDN+HST

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* Please note deposits are non-refundable, instead a credit will be applied for you to engage in another experience of equal value within a 12 month period.