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Nov 27th, 2009 | By | Category: Insights

People often ask me ‘what happens in Decloaking?’ Those of us who are tied to our intellect, that need to know the facts, to make an informed decision. When I took Decloaking it was truly on impulse. Well, I facilitated my first Decloaking…and living authentically session in October one of the extraordinary women stepped into it because she chose to trust something inside of her. And now her life is completely different, I would like to thank Maria for giving me permission to post this.

I’ve been waiting for the perfect moment to post this wonderful news I’ve been holding onto for a few days now…….i am pregnant!!!! For years I’ve been trying to conceive (2 ivf attempts) and on my own, and it just never happened for us. For so long I was told I would never be able to conceive especially not without medical assistance. As I’m writing this the tears are just flowing down filled with the emotion that comes with it. The anger I have kept inside for so long. The anger I had at the doctors telling me that it’s impossible when I knew in my heart it wasn’t true. Now I realize that I was listening to my body and trusting it and didn’t know what I know now. How dare they tell me what my body was not capable of doing! I canceled my last In-vitro treatment this month and it was pre-paid (and it’s a lot of money), cause I knew my body was capable and I was ready to accept if it wasn’t ready. I refused to put any more JUNK into my body, to force it to conceive. And here I am today PREGNANT. It’s my miracle! I truly believe in all that we’ve been discussing here in this forum! We are truly alive and authentic!!! Every day I am allowing myself to become more and this is an outcome of my manifestations! What I have achieved in such a short period of time amazes me. It has not even been 2 months ago I attended LISA’S decloaking and I have achieved to decrease my “PAIN” and I am pregnant! I will never let anybody tell me again what I am not capable of doing!

I think I’ve been holding back on the news because of my fears. My fears that it is still too soon and that anything can still happen….. but then again isn’t anything in life like that? I am here now, I am overjoyed now, and I cannot change what CAN happen tomorrow only know that I can only live in the NOW.

Thank you all for letting me share the greatest news and miracle in my life.

p.s if the doctors were blown away last month on the progress of what they called my disease….can you imagine this? The doctors wanted to schedule me for a total hysterectomy this year…..aren’t I glad I didn’t listen to them and chose to listen to my body!!!!!

hugs hugs hugs hugs
one big one to you LISA!!!!!

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