MML Day 6 – Claiming Magnificence

    Well here we are…day 6, the final day of Manifesting a Meaningful Life. Saying I have taken myself on an adventure is an understatement.

    The space that was required for today to unfold was beyond Massive. The elements included cloudy, rainy windy, and cool.

    It began with me asking Naomi to create a necklace for me. What seemed at the time to be a simple, insignificant request. What it did was open a portal for me to claim the IMMENSE FORCE that I AM.

    Liquid spiralLet me go back a bit…This morning I began my day as I AM SPACE UNFOLDING. I knew it was not complete, and I had to put aside the thoughts about “oh my gawd it’s day six, the final day, and I have an incomplete signal.” more »


    The WEL-Systems® body of knowledge is a living, growing, expanding organism that continues to evolve as each Affiliate and CODE Model Coach™ engages in her own evolution. Every program and conversation experience with those who choose to live their lives choice point up has to potential to expand the body of knowledge.

    On this page you will find links and reference points where you can choose to engage your life differently with others who are committed to their own evolution.

    Naomi Irons ~ Conversations from within
    Sheila Winter Wallace – A Reiki Master Teacher and Full Initiator in Ancient Hawaiian Huna
    Noreen Mejias-Bennett – Guides people along an awakened journey of self-discovery and expansive,majestic living.
    Leona McIsaac Moran - Engages with others through her own business Choice Points

    Click here for more upcoming community events and experiences more »

    Your Journey

    If you are reading this, your journey has already begun. Some part of you has guided you here so let’s talk. Your journey can take many roads; there are books you can read, and CD’s that you can listen to, check out my favorite resources.

    You can also choose to engage by:

    Are you ready, able and willing to engage with me as you pursue reclaiming and getting your life back?


Three Powerful Questions

These three questions on impact are posed by Louise LeBrun as a result of her week-end Call to Cultural Crones: Redefining Creation conversation experience. If you are willing, take a moment, inhale the questions and allow them to permeate throughout your body in the exhale.

“Am I mindful of my impact?”

“Am I intentional in my impact?”

“Am I directional with my impact?”

Sites and Sounds

Brené Brown Listening to Shame

I am a big fan of Brené’s work. She takes the massive topics of shame and vulnerability and breaks them down in a way that enables us to not be afraid to consider getting curious.